When Someone Dies in a Care Home

Around 20% of all deaths occur in Care Homes. Most Care Homes will complete admission documents when a new resident arrives and these documents often include instructions to follow in the event of the person passing away. This then means that the Care Home will have details such as which Funeral Directors the family would like to use.

When someone passes away in a care home if the family isn’t present they will be contacted and informed.

If the death was expected the Care Home will then contact the GP who will come out to the Care Home and provided that they are satisfied with the cause of death, they will complete a Medical Certificate stating the cause of death. This will then be given by the Care Home to the next of kin so that they can register the death.

The nature of a care home means that when a resident does pass away it is not practicable for the person who has passed away to remain at the home too long after the time of death.

Some Care Homes will leave the deceased in their natural state as they have passed away and some care homes will carry out first offices for the deceased. (Meaning that they will, wash the person who has died, change their clothes into clean clothing and repose them in their bed).

The Care Home will then contact the chosen Funeral Director and arrange for them to come to the home to transport the person who has died to their funeral home. At this stage most care homes will provide quite a lot of information to the Funeral Director. as well as details of the deceased, they may be able to provide the type of funeral, any religious beliefs of the person, and also the family’s contact details.

The Funeral Directors will then make contact with the family.