When Someone Dies

When someone has died people tend to feel that they have to immediately get things ‘sorted out.’ And while there are important things to consider regarding length of time from when the person passed away, things do not need to be rushed.

Facing making funeral arrangements is daunting and stressful, not something people relish doing. It isn’t a task that people are familiar with at all. The funeral industry isn’t transparent and this can make a hard task even harder, particularly for those who would like to select a Funeral Director to meet particular needs, such as match the service with their budget. Then there are people who would like to arrange the funeral themselves and find it hard due to not having any guidance.

When the person has died, where the person has died and if the cause of death is known or not will be the first consideration on the first steps to take. Death occurs in all manners of circumstances which then will follow particular procedures.

The menu at the top of the page has information on what happens depending upon the circumstances of the death. It is intended as an overview of general information and not a step by step definitive guide.